An exciting world of dining experiences and cozy moments awaits the whole family in The Pantry - our delicious eatery right in the heart of the park.

Armed with a knife and fork, chopsticks or the bare fingers, go exploring in an inviting selection of favorites. Whether you want the food to go in the park or prefer a little meal break with the family, there is something for everyone. Both inside and out we have plenty of seating where you can stretch your legs and enjoy a great meal.

Read more about the individual restaurants below.

Bon appetite!


Our burgers can be made with a delicious plant-based steak and in Skovens Pasta you can get the pasta dish with mushrooms and no meat. In addition, in Taco you can get various dishes without meat. Simply ask the staff.

In the Pantry you also have the opportunity to get gluten-free food. You can e.g. get a gluten-free burger with french fries. Simply ask the staff for gluten-free dishes.



In the pantry you will find delicious Mexican dishes. Mexican dishes are colorful and known for their delicious taste.

Whether you are into bruittos, chili con carne or wraps, the menu is a sure hit with the whole family. It is also possible to order dishes without meat.

Quesadillas Menu Bred 2019
Mexican Steak Menu Bred 2019 Tryk A
Chili Concarne Menu Bred 2019


Of course you can also get one of the classic burger menus that we know from the rest of Fårup.

All menus include drinks and crispy french fries. In addition, all our steaks are made from 100% beef and only added salt. Finally, the salad is preferably Danish and always freshly cut.

Foenix Burger
Faarup Burger 2020

Fårup Burger

Orkanen Burger 2020

Orkanen Burger

Saven Burger 2020

Falken Burger

Boerneburger 2020

Saven Burger


In our chopstick bar, we saute the fresh vegetables in large wok pans over open fire and mix them with rice or noodles and fill of your choice in the well-known take-away box. For this you can choose between different sauces.

If you need a quick bite of food that is easy to take further out into the park, then our chopstick bar is the perfect place. But of course you can also always have the classic Chinese dish served on a plate and enjoy it seated in the pantrys facility.


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Social dining with a lot of delicious live dishes for the whole family.


Restaurant Loen

Delicious pizza and pasta buffet with dishes for both children and adults.

Restaurant Loen


Choose between 4 different restaurants in Spisekammeret; Taco, Burgerbar, Chopsticks or Skovens Eco Pasta


Fårup Grill

Burgers are served here with steaks made from pure beef, delicious burger buns, and the salad is freshly cut and crisp. As well as delicious sandwiches & salads

Fårup Grill
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Hotdog Hytten

Hotdog Hytten offers super delicious gourmet hotdogs with inspiration from countries around the world

Hotdog Hytten
Grill Selv 1

Napoleon barbecue area

Do it yourself - barbecue in the forest. We light the super modern Napoleon Rogue 525 gas grills for you every day at 11:30 am

Napoleon barbecue area
Salat Med Kylling 2022

Hotel Fårup

Enjoy a delicious meal either a la carte lunch or evening buffet.

Hotel Fårup