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We have made it easier to book a table in Oasen, Loen and Hotel Fårup - everything can be done from your mobile! You can easily book your table on the website before you visit the park, or while you are standing in que in a roller coaster :-) 

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FØNIX - 2022

Denmark’s absolute, biggest,

fastest and highest roller coaster!

A massive new roller coaster will rise from the forest floor and the ashes of corona by April 2022.



Food (1)

Food and Beverage

Great experiences provide a great appetite. In Fårup Somerland we have a huge variety of food options, whether you want an easy and fast, or a big and delicious meal.


Owls Stars

Accommodation at Hotel Fårup

Experience a true forest atmosphere at Hotel Fårup. The hotel is located in the middle of Fårup Sommerland and is a genuine four-star family hotel where all the rooms are children-friendly and set the stage for play and cosy times in a pure forest atmosphere. 


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Horse ride

Come along for a lovely horse ride through the woods, nature and terrain around Fårup. We offer different rides suited for both experienced and lightly practiced riders. For example, try a fun trip in terrain, or a calm horse walking trip.