Practical information

In our Babycare Center, which are located close to the entrance and Fårup Grill, you can breastfeed your baby in a quiet environment, or heat a baby bottle in the microwave oven and change a diaper.

You can pay with Euro in all of Fårup's stores. You need to be aware that we only accept foreign currency in notes - and the change you get back will of course be in Danish kroner.

Fårup is part of the Defibrillator Network since we in cases of cardiac arrest have a defibrillator located at the Information Desk and Hotel Fårup. The defibrillator is a portable, battery operated machine, to be manually operated. The defibrillator cannot be administered incorrectly, and is easy to use.

Contact the nearest employee as soon as possible if you believe that life-saving first aid is needed. Our first responders are ready to move out into the park immediately.

You will find all relevant information on specific conditions for the disabled here.

Your dog is more than welcome to Fårup, but we do expect that it is kept on a leach and supervised throughout the day. By the entrance you will find a rack with bags for the dog droppings, and around the park your dog can get a drink of water from one of our "dog bars". We also ask that you not leave your dog alone in a hot car or tied to a tree while you are in the park.

NOTE: Be aware, dogs are not allowed in the Waterpark or inside restaurants and dining places.

If your clothing got wet from riding the Tree Trunks, or one of our other rides, you can dry them in the clothes dryers next to the Tree Trunks for kr. 20.00.


If you are unfortunate enough to get hurt while visiting Fårup, the help is thankfully always close by. Approach the nearest employee and she will try to help you, or she will call one of our first responders. You can also stop by our first aid location behind Restaurant Loen if you have a question or minor problem.

Your child can be measured in our new height measurer, and get his height written on a wristband at the Information Desk. That way you can feel confident about which rides you can go on during the course of day. See also our height guide.

By the entrance and in the Aquapark, you can rent a locker for your clothes, a bag or other items you would rather not carry around. Prices vary from 40 to 66 DKK. Be aware that you will not get your coin in return when you reopen the locker.

If you were unfortunate enough to forget something at Fårup, you can fill out a form on our Contact page.

GoPro's og similar cameras may be used in our roller coasters if they are safely secured to the chest with an approved buckle. Because the safety in all our roller coasters always comes first, our operators will always be able not to allow you to bring your camera on the ride.

If you want to spend the night in Fårup or close to Fårup, you can book a room at Hotel Fårup, which is located in the middle of the park. Or at Fårup Camping, which is 500 meters from the park.


At Fårup there is always room to bring your car to an outing in the woods - and it's even free! If you do not feel like carrying around your picnic basket, swimsuits, etc. all day, you can leave it in the car and get it when you need it.

It is possible to charge electric cars in Fårup. We have set up 20 electric chargers in the park's car park. At the hotel we have 6 electric chargers for hotel guests. To use the electric chargers, you must bring your own charging cable and download 'the Norlys Oplading' app. Through Norlys' app, anyone can charge regardless of nationality – and it does not require a subscription.

Remember to move the car when it's fully charged :-)

It is possible to pay with both Danish and foreign payment cards at most of the stores at Fårup. If you need to withdraw a smaller amount, this can be done at the Information Desk.

Bags, clothing and sleepy children. Yes, we know very well that there can be plenty to carry around when you visit Fårup. That's why we also rent the practical pull wagons with room for this and that. Remember valid ID to use as a deposit.

You will find restrooms close to most of Fårup's stores. All the park's restrooms have a disabled stall, and by the entrance you'll find our Babycare Center. The restrooms are cleaned several times each day by Fårup's cleaning staff.


If you bring small children to Fårup, you can rent one of our BRIO-strollers located next to the pull wagons. They are equipped with both leg support and a canopy so that the smaller ones can relax or take a nap in the shade. Remember valid picture ID to use for a deposit. You can reserve a stroller now by completing the form on our Contact page. If the reservation is being made less than 2 days prior to your visit, we ask that you contact the Information Desk by phone instead. The number is +45 98 88 16 00.

Fårup Sommerland is a smoke-free attraction - apart from the 12 areas where smoking is permitted.

Opens: Opens often half an hour before the parks opening hours

Close: 1 hour before the park closes. So we advise you to be here at least 1 hour before the park closes.

Even though our attendance is highly dependent on the weather, there are still a couple of rules of thumb you can use to plan your visit. During peak season for instance, we normally havefewerguests in the park onMonday, Friday and Sunday, and early and late season, theregular weekdaysare the least visited. Always be aware of which days we are closed when you plan your visit.

If you need to borrow a wheelchair, we have a limited number available. Borrowing a wheelchair does not cost anything, but we need a valid picture ID as a deposit.

It's a good idea to reserve a wheelchair in advance, so you are sure that one is available. The only thing you need to do is fill out a form on our Contact page. If the reservation is being made less than 3 days prior to your visit, we ask that you contact the Information Desk by phone instead. The number is +45 98 88 16 00.

In the park, we have various things that are especially intended for wheelchair users. In all our trains there is room for a wheelchair in the front carriage. In 'Rundrejsen', wheelchair users can have a pleasant carousel ride in the Swan. And on the playground at 'Fønix' you will find a special trampoline that can be used by wheelchair users.

In Fårup, we have 7 relaxation spots where there is WiFi free of charge. Here you can enjoy a quiet moment with your phone, tablet or computer.

You find the Wifi spots right here
The entrance area/Spisekammeret
The area near Skattekisten & Rævens Hule
The Napoleon grill area & den store legeplads
Oasen & Loen
The Fønix area
The Aquapark
Hotel Fårup (Here the network is called Hotel Fårup)

Read more and get to know how to connect to free WiFi.

At the Information Desk, you can pick up a free wristband with a space for your phone number. Sometimes it can in fact be a little difficult to find one another at Fårup, and therefore it's always a good idea to give your child one of these wristbands. It makes it a lot easier for us to help your child find it's parents if you are not able to locate one another.

During the summer period, there will be a lot of wasps and bees in Fårup Sommerland. If you are allergic to either wasp or bee stings, you should therefore take your precautions. You can always contact the nearest employee or our first aid.


Med Fårups smarte app til Android og iPhone får du ventetiden ved de store forlystelser og et kort over parken direkte ned på din mobil!

I appen kan du hele tiden se, hvor lang ventetid der er på de otte største forlystelser i Fårup. Så kan du hurtigt hoppe uden om de længste køer og bedre planlæggen dagen.

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