Denmark's largest water park is getting even larger

...and more fun, wild, and wet!

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Denmark's two largest, longest, and tallest water slides!

Now all water enthusiasts can start looking forward to summer 2024! We are expanding our popular Aquapark with two new gigantic water slides, a new children's water area, and new changing facilities.

NEWS 2024

Not just one, but two new water slides

The two new water slides will both be taller and longer than any other water slides in Denmark. One water slide will be 18 meters high and 172 meters long, featuring two lanes for a race against your best friend, grandfather, or mother to see who's the fastest speed demon. Remember to squint your eyes if you want to spot your competitor as you zoom down the 172-meter slide!

NEWS 2024

Crazy world news

When Aquapark opens in 2024, it will also feature a WORLD FIRST. This water slide will have a so-called tailspin element and a Boomerango element, making it the world's first water slide to combine these two features. The ingenious water slide will be 21 meters high and a whopping 195 meters long.

This water slide is sure to leave you thoroughly dizzy, as the Tailspin element causes the pool float to spin around and around. Look forward to hopping onto the large 3-person pool float and hold on tight.

Fun water slides for everyone

The Aquapark is for water lovers of all ages. The huge water park offers both breathtaking speed across the field and a cozy children's area for smallest guests.

man 130 cm Vandkanonen 15


Free fall and two loops!

man 110 cm Vandslangen 22


Ride with speed for the whole family

man Alle Bolgebassin 5


The waves will be biggere and biggere 

man 130 cm Wild River 12

Wild river

The wildest river in town

Wild river
man 130 cm Surf Hill 17

Surf hill

Is all about speed, speed and SPEED!

Surf hill
man Alle Regnskoven 26


Big playground in the waterpark

man Alle Bornevandland


A playground for the smallest



If you're a bit of a daredevil who enjoys high speed and excitement, you must try one of Aquapark's wildest water slides. Vandkanonen (The Water Cannon) features a free fall and two loops, finishing off with a substantial splash! It's the world's first outdoor slide of its kind, making it one of the attractions you simply must experience when visiting the water park.

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There are plenty of attractions in the water park that offer lots of speed. Try, for example, Surf Hill, which sends you down the 120-meter-long slide. You can compete against three people, and the last one in the water gets a soaking. Who will reach the bottom first?

You can also experience the wild and bumpy Wild River, the water park's thrilling river rafting slide.


If you love the big waves of the North Sea, you will undoubtedly also love our Bølgebassin (Wave Pool). Here, you can frolic with the whole family in both large and small waves – without getting saltwater in your eyes.

The further you swim out, the bigger the waves get.

Boelgebassin 2018

Water park for the little ones

In Aquaparken, there's room for both big and small water enthusiasts, and in the Børnevandland (Children's Waterland), the little ones can swim among rubber duckies and water cannons in shallow water.

Børnevandland features fun water slides and a small waterfall for the little ones to splash around. You can confidently let the little ones have a blast in the heated pool in Børnevandland.


In Aquaparken, you can also explore Regnskoven (The Rainforest), which has obstacles and water slides, making it the perfect place for a wild water battle. But beware—suddenly, water may come from above!


It should be a fun experience for everyone when you visit Aquaparken. Therefore, we ask you to adhere to and respect the few guidelines in place when visiting the water park and Fårup Sommerland in general. Wet suits with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal embellishments are not allowed to be worn in Aquaparken.

For example, your dog is welcome in Fårup when on a leash, but it is not allowed to bring them into Aquaparken.

Opening hours

The Aquapark is open from 8 June - 1 September 2024. NOTE: The 2024 news will first open during June.

Aquaparken opens at 12:00. You can check the closing times for the day on the totem pole at the park entrance, the entrance to Aquaparken, or in our app.