Fårup Summerland compromises a total of 110 hectares, of which the park itself with rides, pedestrian areas, dining areas and parking lot fills approx. a quarter. This amounts to nothing less than 55 soccer fields! The remaining area ensures good distance to neighbors, and make for a truly authentic feeling of a walk in the forest in between the tall, beautiful trees.

The largest one day attendance was Wednesday July 20 2011, when 17,287 guests visited Fårup Summerland.

The largest collected attendance for a whole season was achieved in 2012, when a total of 768,683  guests visited Fårup Summerland.

Even though our attendance is highly dependent on the weather, there are still a couple of rules of thumb you can use to plan your visit. During peak season for instance, we normally havefewer guests in the park onMonday, Friday and Sunday, and early and late season, theregular weekdays are the least visited. Always be aware of which days we are closed when you plan your visit.

The split between Danish and foreign visitors is respectively 80 and 20 percent. Norwegian, Swedish and German tourists make understandably up the largest part of these foreign guests.

About 89 percent of our guests spendmore than 5 hours in the park, and almost 98 percent of our guests are satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to Fårup Summerland - the whole stay considered.

In the summer time, we have about 600 dedicated employees in a wonderful mix of young students and healthy retirees and early retirees. All with a big smile!


  • Fønix: 'Best slide in Europe' (Parkworld Excellence Awards) 2022
  • Fønix: 'Europe's best new slide' (European Star Award) 2022
  • Fønix: 'European Top New Attraction' (Parksmania Awards) 2022
  • Europe's best amusement park with under 1.5 million. guests (Park World Excellence Awards) 2021, 2022
  • North Jutland's best workplace for young people (HK's job patrol) 2021
  • Saven: ''Best Roller Coaster 2020'' (Best Roller Coaster Limited Budget) at the Park World Excellence Awards 2020
  • The best summer amusementpark in the Nordics (Barnesemester.se) 2019
  • The Mermaid Award (the association for Danish Travel Journalists) 2019
  • 3rd Best Amusement Park in Europe (Kirmes) 2018
  • The Nordics' best summer country (Barnesemester.se) 2018
  • Denmark's best 'Family Fun' (Barnesemester.se) 2018
  • 2. best amusement park in Europa in 2015, in 2016 and in 2017 (Kirmes)
  • The 3. best service in the world 2015 (IAAPA)
  • Orkanen (Hurricane): Europe's second best new roller coaster in 2014 (Kirmes)
  • Scandinavia's best amusement park (barnsemester.se), 2013
  • Scandinavia's best amusement park (barnsemester.se), 2012
  • North Jylland's best place to work for young people (LO's Jobpatrulje), 2011
  • The world's third best service  (IAAPA), 2010-2011
  • The world's third best family park (Amusement Today), 2010-2011



We are looking forward to seeing you at Fårup, a Summerland way out in the forest!