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Fårup Inclusive 2019 - All of Fårup in one ticket!

Fårup Inclusive is one ticket that gives you all you need for a fantastic day at Fårup! The ticket includes entry to Fårup, value coupons for Fårup Games, a delicious burger plus an 0.5L soda of your choice for adults and a children's burger meal for children at Spisekammeret.

The adult ticket also includes one ride photo, and the children’s ticket (under 140 cm) includes a multi-print Fårup T-shirt from our souvenir shop.


You can purchase a Fårup Inclusive ticket at the ticket counters

Adults include everyone over 140 cm, while children are those under 140 cm. Remember that children under the age of 3 can enter the park for free - so for children under 3, there are no savings in buying the Inclusive ticket.

Over 140 cm

18/4-16/5 + 26/8-20/10        

Day ticket 245,- Day ticket 285,-
Voucher for Games 100,- Voucher for Games 100,-
Orkanen burgermenu 99,- Orkanen burgermenu 99,-
Amusement photo 55,- Amusement photo 55,-
Normal price 499,- Normal price 539,-
Inclusive price 399,- Inclusive price 399,-


Below 140 cm

18/4-16/5 + 26/8-20/10       


Day ticket 245,- Day ticket 285,-
Voucher for Games 10,- Voucher for Games 10,-
Children's burger 86,- Children's burger 86,-
Multi-print T-shirt 80,-      Multi-print T-shirt 80,-
Normal price 421,- Normal price 461,-
Inclusive price 339,- Inclusive price 339,-


Note: Fårup Inclusive is not subject to the discount when purchasing 7 days before.  

The Inclusive ticket can only be used in the 2019 season.


Important information

The Inclusive ticket cannot be combined with other discounts and meal vouchers, coupons cannot be refunded and have no cash value.