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As a disabled person, you must pay the standard admission fee to Fårup Sommerland.



Against presentation of a valid escort card from DSB, a Children's escort card, a DH escort card, a membership card from the Danish Association of the Blind, one escort over the age of 18 may enter for free. This also applies to a foreign, officially issued escort card for disabled people. The card must be shown at the ticket office when entering the park.

Supervisors and employees who, in connection with their work are included as escorts, can also enter for free against presentation of a valid employment contract for the institution or 24-hour care centre as well as a letter from the management of the institution with date stamp and signature.



Instructions for disabled people, an "appointment card" as well as a "Show consideration" card are provided by the Information desk. The "Show consideration" card is only issued for people with a disability which means that they are unable to use the amusements' queuing systems on equal terms as the park's other guests.

To obtain a "Show consideration" card, you must enquire at the Information desk and produce a valid escort card (see above) or other form of documentation for the disabled person, e.g. medical note. The escort for the disabled person will be given a special bracelet, which makes it clear that the relevant person is responsible for the disabled person.

The "Show consideration" card provides access to the amusements for the disabled person as well as three escorts. 



All guests who have a "Show consideration" card can enquire at the attractions and make an appointment to try the attraction. The time is noted by the operator on the provided "appointment card". For example, if there is a 20-minute queue, you will be given an appointment 20 minutes after you have enquired. This means that you do not have to stand in the queue and wait, as you will enter through the exit after the 20 minutes have passed. The allocated appointment does not need to be used at the exact time, but from when the allocated appointment commences and one hour onwards. It is only possible to have a new appointment allocated for an amusement when the "current" appointment has been used. 

The disabled guest does not need to be present to arrange the appointment. The escort who wears the bracelet provided also has the possibility to enquire at the selected attractions and make an appointment for the disabled person.

The disabled person can take three people along for the attractions of which the one must, of course, be the assistant wearing the bracelet.


It is possible to make an appointment for the following attractions:

  • Fønix
  • Hvirvelvinden (Whirlwind)
  • Falken (The Falcon)
  • Flagermusen (The Bat)
  • Lynet (The Lightening)
  • Mine Express
  • Orkanen (The Hurricane)
  • Rafting
  • Træstammerne (The Logs)

For the other amusements in the park, the ordinary entrance is used under the same terms as for the other guests. 



Please be aware of the special safety rules that apply to Orkanen, Hvirvelvinden, Falken, Flagermusen, Lynet, Mine-Expressen and Træstammerne:

  • The exits for the amusements can be used for easier access to the amusements
  • An assistant or relative MUST accompany the disabled person during the ride
  • The disabled person MUST be able to enter and exit the seat without assistance
  • Important: For reasons of safety, it is not possible for disabled people to use the above mentioned amusements if they are unable to rescue themselves in the event of stoppage. This means that the disabled person must able to walk down stairs or similar during a possible evacuation. This requirement is drawn up according to the applicable rules of the Danish Working Environment Authority
  • Please be aware that in the event of stoppage, you may need to sit in the carriage/train for a longer period before you are down on the ground again. The disabled person MUST be prepared to cope with such a situation
  • We draw attention to the fact that the restrictions stated on the sign at the amusement must be complied with. 

 Other amusements in Fårup Sommerland can be used according to ability and in cooperation with our employees.



With Fårup Sommerland's smart app for Android and iPhone, you will receive information on waiting times for the large amusements and a map of the park directly to your mobile phone. With the app you can constantly see the waiting times for the eight largest amusements in Fårup Sommerland. In this way, you can quickly skip over the longest queue and plan your day more efficiently. 



  • Roads/path systems are tiled
  • Disabled parking spaces are available (a disabled sign in the front windscreen is required)
  • There are disabled toilets available several places in the park
  • Wheelchairs can be rented by pre-booking. Call +45 98 88 16 00 (limited number available)
  • There are no lifts available at the amusements.

The personnel at Fårup Sommerland can assist you if you have any questions or need help.



Disabled persons with season tickets may bring along one escort over the age of 18 for free if the disabled person has an escort card from DSB, a Children's escort card or a membership card from the Danish Association of the Blind.