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Horse riding in nature  

Come along for a lovely horse ride through the woods, nature and terrain around Fårup. We offer different rides suited for both experienced and inexperienced riders. For example, try a fun trip in terrain, or a calm horse walking trip.

Our Icelandic horses are calm, reliable and used to children, so we guarantee a fun experience regardless of experience level. All our trips feature experienced guides who know both the horses and the area around Fårup exceptionally well.

All horse rides must be booked and paid for in advance to ensure that there is space - do it right here.

Horse rides in terrain on Icelandic horsese

Come along for this fun riding trip in the terrain around Fårup. You also get the opportunity to help ready the horses before heading off.

In total, the trip lasts 2 hours incl. readying the horses - of which 1.5 hours are spent on horseback. The trip is for riders above the age of 7 who dare to ride on their own.

Weeks 28-38: Here, we offer morning trips from 8:00 or evening trips from 19:00

Weeks 39-27: Here, we can get going on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00

Also at 22.+23.+25.+26.+27.+30.12 and 2.+3.+4.+5.1 2020

During this periode you can contact us at cell: 0045 2073 0191

Week 42: All days, also at 8:30 and 15:00

On days we are closed, special arrangement with the guide is required.


The trip costs DKK 350 per person.  


Horse leading walks for the youngest

Enjoy a calm and pleasant horse leading walk through the forests of Fårup with enough time to get to know the adorable Icelandic horses.

The trip itself lasts about 30 minutes, and there must be an adult present to pull the child around. Before the trip, you can help ready the horses.

Horse leading walks are offered from week 39 and the rest of the year - Saturdays at 09:30


The trip costs DKK 95 per child. 

Groups and special events

It is also possible to book horse rides on weekdays by agreement for schools, institutions, accommodation venues and company events, etc. If you wish to book a group excursion or a special event with a riding trip, contact Fårup directly at +45 96 73 92 07 or +45 96 73 92 07 or booking@faarup.dk to learn more about your options. If you wish to combine your horse ride with, for example, lunch at Hotel Fårup or a visit to Fårup Sommerland, contact Cathrine at cbk@faarup.dk

Practical information

Bring sensible clothing and footwear suited for the weather. All riders must wear riding helmets, which can be borrowed for the trip for free. The horse ride must be paid for. Please note that we cannot accept cash. Riders must weigh no more than 100 kg, and the ride is at your own liability.