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A dream, which was in its infancy in the summer of 1975, when we first opened the doors to the park with a brand new concept: "Pay kr. 4.00 and try everything". Scandinavia's first "Summerland" was founded, and its innovative blend of classic activities like rowboats, trampolines and horses was immediately a great success.

The Danes had a new place to go on their family excursions, and this basic idea we have brought with us. Our guests today, are coming for the same reason they did almost 40 years ago. They want a fun and eventful day with the family out in the woods! Even though Fårup Summerland has since evolved into a modern amusement park with wildly spinning carousels, super fast roller coasters and Denmark's largest water park, we are sure that it is still the little moments our guests take home with them.

The moment when the whole Falken (The Falcon) sings along to "Skovsangen" (The forest song). The moment when a rude employee all of a sudden sprays water on baby sister. And the moment when baby brother gets the birthday song of his life from a screaming Fårup choir. Well, in short, those moments when the smile cannot at all become stiff again. We have been able to maintain this atmosphere, because every day we work to create life around rides like Lynet, Falken and Træstammerne, and an interaction between our guests and employees.

That's why we are of course proud that our service has been voted the world's third best by the international organization for amusement parks, IAAPA, at the same time as the park as a whole has been voted the world's third best family park by the internationally acclaimed magazine Amusement Today. We received both prizes in 2010 as well as 2011 - and in 2011 we were also voted the best workplace for young people throughout North Jylland by LO's Jobpatrulje.

We also won the award as the best amusement park in Scandinavia in 2012 and 2013. The award is given by Swedish website, and is based on visitor voting. We won another two prestigious awards in 2014: Bedste Forlystelsespark i Danmark (bø (best amusement park in Denmark) and Danmarks Bedste Sommerland ( (Denmark's best summerland). In 2015, we won the award for the 3rd best service in the world (IAAPA). Our latest recognition is the award for Europe's 2nd best amusement park in 2015 and 2016.

The big pat on the back is only giving us even more desire to continue this positive trend in the coming years.


We are looking forward to seeing you at Fårup, a Summerland way out in the forest!