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Roller Coasters

In the world of amusement parks, there is one main rule: It has to be wilder, faster and higher! All the time! At Fårup we try to live up to this with our roller coasters, which can give even the wildest daredevil butterflies in the belly.

Orkanen (The Hurricane)
In June 2013, the largest new ride ever opend in Fårup. The Orkanen roller-coaster travels both over and UNDER the water - the only one in northern Europe to do so. Orkanen takes you first of all to the height of seven storeys, and then - at a speed of 75 km/h - rushes you down under the water, continuing scarily close to trees and bushes - all the time with your feet dangling free in the air!

Falken (The Falcon), with its top speed at 75 km/hr, is Denmark's fastest wooden roller coaster. And it gives you a wiiild feeling in the stomach when you screaming speed through the 622 breathless meters of roller coaster. The Falcon is the first wooden roller coaster built in Denmark since 1932, and it is a pretty unique experience for all speed demons and daredevils. Ready, set, screeeam!

Flagermusen (The Bat) is a wild spinning roller coaster for all daredevils. You will guaranteed feel like the part of a giant whirligig, when you from a height of 13 meters race around sharp turns and down steep hills in a car that just spins and spins and spins around itself.

Hvirvelvinden (The Whirlwind), will take brave guests on a neck cracking slalom trip for the first time. In Hvirvelvinden people will be thrown up and down from a 19 meter height, at the same time as they spin around. It is a trip for the biggest daredevils - and clearly one of the wildest rides in Fårup ever!  

In Lynet (The Lightning) you are thrown into it with an acceleration that takes you from 0 to 80 km/hr in just 2 seconds. Wrooom! The acceleration, which can be compared with the fastest Formula One cars, is created by electromagnetism. It is a very special feeling when you roar straight out of the station house instead of being pulled up a hill - and then suddenly you are 20 meters up in the air with a glorious view of the whole Summerland. Enjoy your ride!

In 1992 Mine-Expressen (The Mining Express) took its first run, and ever since has the roller coaster been filled with wild guests who simply cannot get enough of the tickling sensation in the stomach. From a height of 13 meters the ride goes down and around in sharp turns between towering trees. You have never experienced a ride more fun!

Træstammerne (The Tree Trunks) is a wild boat ride up the forest river and down the three roaring waterfalls hidden in the middle of the woods. Dare you go on the next ride? The water sprays in all directions when the hollowed tree trunk roars down the waterfall and ends up soaking wet in the middle of the lake.