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Harvest Festival in Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland is open during the autumn holiday from October 10 to October 18, 2020. Experience the autumn atmosphere when we open the doors to the annual Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival in Fårup is something quite special. The forest is dressed in warm autumn colours and during each of the nine days, you can experience exciting activities for all ages. The entrance costs only kr. 245.00 and provides free access to all amusements at the park.


Activities for everyone

All of our amusements are open during the autumn holidays. So, if you are up for action, speed and excitement – prepare yourself for high squeals and wind in your hair when you venture onto our many rollercoasters that will leave you without breath. You can also challenge your mother, sister, best friend, or granddad in a game of pumpkin tic tac toe, celeriac-bowling, or potato throws. If you are as good as Hedgehog to find your way, you can try Hedgehog’s giant bale of straw maze. The maze can be found in Fårup’s parking lot every day during the autumn holiday.


Squirrel and Hedgehog’s harvest market

Feel the cosy autumn atmosphere at Squirrel and Hedgehog’s harvest market. Squirrel and Hedgehog have decked the market with coloured lamps, straw wreath, and colourful flowers to spread the autumn spirit. The harvest market holds cosy activities for the entire family. Relax by the bonfire with twist bread and marshmallows or enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or coffee below the ornamental tree crowns.

At the harvest market, you can participate in Fox’s game of hide and seek where you can help Squirrel and Fox find the things they have lost during the summer. Fox’s game of hide and seek is a fun treasure hunt for the little ones where you can win season passes for next year.  

The farmhouse (Bondegården)

During the autumn holiday, you can also pet a calf, look at giant tractors, and meet a farmer. Experience all this along with many other exciting and educational activities at the farmhouse which can be found at the Event Site (Eventpladsen).

The Haunted Shipyard (Det Hjemsøgte Skibsværft)

The autumn holiday in Fårup is not all about fun and laughter but also about horror for the brave ones. Again this year you can experience The Haunted Shipyard – if you dare. The entire changing room of the Aquapark is in the autumn holiday transformed into one big ancient shipyard. Behind the gate of the shipyard awaits a world of fear, terror, and abandoned shipyard atmosphere. But wait, the shipyard is not totally abandoned. In every nook and dark cranny lies the missing crew of the shipyard – prepared to scare everyone who dares to intrude. Do you have the courage to venture into The Haunted Shipyard?

NOTE: You must be at least 12 years old to try this attraction. Furthermore, we advise against guests with epilepsy trying The Haunted Shipyard.

Grandparent’s day

Every day during the autumn holiday is grandparent’s day in Fårup. This means that grandparents, accompanied by their grandchildren, can get access to the park for only DKK 99. So, go to Fårup and have an adventurous day with your grandchildren. Grandchildren must pay regular admission or use season passes.