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In Børnetivoli (Children's Amusement Park) you will find the most fun kids rides that are guaranteed to put a few butterflies in the belly and a huge smile on the lips.

In Den Røde Baron (The Red Baron) you fly around in your own airplane, in Fårup Racing Team you drive your own racecar, and in Safaribilerne (The Safari Cars) you'll drive around with a toy gun in the big woods. 

Nøddesvinget is a flying carousel where you are swung around and whizz in competition with the westerly wind at the tree tops in the forest - both forwards and backwards! There is plenty of excitement in store in the Nøddesvinget swing - it’s all about finding your favourite nut and jumping on board!

You can also try Motorbøllen, where you get your own motorbike with side-car, which you can steer yourself - and then you can invite who you like to take a ride in Motorbøllen.

Skovturen (The forest trail) is from 2021. The ride takes you on a pleasant expedition through the forest landscape - past splashing waterfalls, the fairy-tale animal hill and the lumberjack's house - to the Fårup Sawmills! All you have to do is jump on board and enjoy the trip!

At first Snurretræet (The Spinning Tree) rocks calmly back and forth, but suddenly it starts to spin around itself, and Skovsuset (The Forest Rustle) is a super fast carousel for both big and small daredevils. Take a ride with the whole family in Tønderne (The Barrels), which spins and spins and spins around themselves and each other.

Finally, you will also find a couple of children's rides next to the Falken (Falcon) and a little ways away from the rest of the Børnetivoli. Egerntårnet (The Squirrel Tower) will lift you 11 meters up in the air and will then suddenly let go (aargh!), and Pindsvinet (The Hedgehog) is a new roller coaster for children who love a little speed. Do you dare to keep your arms in the air the whole way through?


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