Accommodation prices: Hotel Fårup




The following rates are per room rates per night in Danish kroner in season 2018.


The numbers in parentheses in the above table indicate the number of possible extra beds. Extra beds for persons more than two years cost 250 DKK per person. Price example with one extra bed: Standard family room for 4 + 1 in the low season costs 1200 + 250 DKK. If you do not have season tickets, you must also pay the entrance fee to the park.

Ticket to the park at a special price

In addition to the room rate, you must purchase entrance tickets to the park. Hotel guests get tickets at a special price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our booking on telephone 96 73 92 07 or

Prices for tickets to the park for hotel guests

  • 1-day ticket on arrival the days the park has closed: DKK 225, - pr. person
  • 2-day: DKK 300, - pr. person

Note: Guests with season tickets save entrance ticket to the park