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Food and Beverages

Great experiences provide a great appetite. And just because we live in the woods, you don't have to be satisfied with nuts and berries. It is important to us that the meal also is a pleasant experience for the whole family, so at Fårup we have a huge variety of food options, whether you want an easy and fast, or a big and delicious meal.


In our new eatery, Spisekammeret (The Pantry), we have gathered four restaurants in one: A steakhouse, a burger bar, a Chinese restaurant and a café. Here you can buy juicy steaks, whole grain burgers, wok dishes, sandwiches, and much, much more. If all you want is ice cream or a cup of coffee, we can do that as well.


In the Restaurant Loen, the menu covers everything from freshly caught fish and mussels steamed in white wine, to juicy steaks, delicious pasta dishes and pizza straight from the oven.  Right next door at Spisestedet Oasen (Oasis Eatery), we offer an appetizing family buffet with favorite dishes for both children and adults, and at Terrassen (The Terrace), we serve warm lunches, desserts with ice cream, and tasty tea and coffee.


In the park you find a Pandekagebod (Pancake Stand) with both meal and dessert pancakes, a Fruit Stand with fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course a number of Grill Bars with classic grilled foods like hot dogs, burgers and fries. You may also buy ice cold ice cream, candy and sweets all around the park.


Finally, you are always also welcome to enjoy a picnic in one of our green areas, or grill hot dogs and steaks in our Self Serve Grill Area next to the playground.


There is something for everyone. Enjoy your meal!


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